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Case in Point PDF Book by Marc Cosentino

Market-sizing inquiries pop up frequently and can be found in any interview session. Although it occasionally stands alone, the question is typically a part of a bigger case. I like to label market-sizing inquiries when I hear them. Is this a population-based query, a household-based query, or a ridiculous query?

Your response should be based on reasoning and presumptions regardless of the kind of market-sizing question. Other times, the inquiry is lengthy, complex, and loaded with information that spouts at you like a fire hose. Since it’s tough to include all of that information in your notes, summarising the question should come first.

In this way, the interviewer can correct you if you accidentally missed something or wrote something down incorrectly before letting you continue. It ensures that you and the interviewer are on the same page right away, preventing you from providing the incorrect response. In addition to demonstrating to the interviewer that you paid attention, summarising the question fills the pause before you begin to respond.

PDF Name: Case in Point PDF Book
No. of Pages: 367
PDF Size: 3 MB
Language: English

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