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[PDF] Carewell Pharma Notes PDF

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PDF Name: Carewell Pharma Notes PDF
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Carewell Pharma Notes PDF

Cell structure and functions, cell membrane transport, cell division, and cell junctions all play a role. Intracellular signalling pathway activation by extracellular signal molecules and general principles of cell communication Intracellular signalling can take many different forms. a) Contact-dependent; b) paracrine; c) synaptic; and d) endocrine.a) Contact-dependent; b) paracrine; c) synaptic; and d) endocrine.

Structure, location, and activities of epithelial, muscular, neuronal, and connective tissues.

Body fluids, blood composition and functions, hemopoiesis, haemoglobin synthesis, anaemia, coagulation mechanisms, blood grouping, Rh factors, transfusion, its relevance and blood disorders, Reticuloendothelial system

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