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Bronze Age Mindset PDF Book by Bronze Age Pervert

Now picture yourself standing in front of Aetna’s rim. It’s sandy and arid. You can feel the heat, but it’s not what you expected. not romantic. Simply being hot and dry makes it difficult to breathe, and the smell of infernal sulphur, moist dirt, and even worse things makes you want to flee due to a repressed memory or instinct.

As you stare into the vehemence and cruelty of the rock, you begin to feel queasy. Your nostrils are filled with molten rock, and you’re not only afraid of it. A strong fear could motivate you to take action. However, it makes you see grey and black and fills your nostrils with the banality and dullness of plain molten dust.

You are stuck on a dusty road, suffocated by heat, and it reminds you of a scorching summer afternoon at an abandoned gas station. You can see flames in the hole, but they don’t have the romantic quality you expected from fire. This is it? You perceive it as being unimportant because it is unimportant to your sight. you start to back away from it.

PDF Name: Bronze Age Mindset PDF Book
No. of Pages: 128
PDF Size: 1 MB
Language: English

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