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Becoming Bulletproof PDF Book Download by Evy Poumpouras

I ran toward a concrete wall at the base of the nearest structure, grabbing a bottle of water we had been using to flush people’s eyes and mouths; I knew I would need water if I was going to be buried alive. I hurried into the patio of a closed Au Bon Pain and stopped just long enough to grab one of the metal tables that were crammed into the patio area.

When training with the Secret Service in explosives, one thing you learn is that glass can kill you just as easily as a bullet can. In the hopes that it might shield me from flying debris and give me a pocket of air to hide under should I be buried, my adrenaline raced as I carried that incredibly heavy table over to the structure.

To make myself less of a target, I pushed it up against the wall, scurried underneath, and drew my knees to my chest. Thousands of windows broke at once as the skyscraper crumbled, creating an audible groan of bending steel as the building’s structural integrity finally gave out.

PDF Name: Becoming Bulletproof PDF Book Download
No. of Pages: 337
PDF Size: 6 MB
Language: English

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