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Beautiful Disaster PDF Book by Jamie McGuire

Still grinning I kick my shoes off, dump my messenger bag on the floor in the entryway, and hang my jacket into the closet before I make a beeline for the fridge. I’m starving, and I’m thirsty, and while I long to find out if Bella is home already, I need to fulfill my primal needs first before we end up in a tumble of sweaty limbs on the lime green flokati rug in front of the fireplace.

Although actually making sweet love to my girl on the rug sounds like a really good idea. We can always take that bath another day. Quickly making sure that Bella isn’t anywhere in sight I take a deep draft from the OJ, smirking at myself that she has already domesticated me to the point where I feel bad about drinking straight from the carton.

Not that she doesn’t do it herself when she thinks I’m not watching, mind you, but for some weird reason we both fall into the habit of playing house when we’re in the kitchen. Behaving ourselves. Being all proper and nice. I make a mental note that I dearly need to luck my girl on the kitchen counter before the weekend.

PDF Name: Beautiful Disaster PDF Book
No. of Pages: 492
PDF Size: 2 MB
Language: English

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