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App Annie becomes to be the ‘unified data standard’

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Mobile data and analytics platform app Annie has rebranded as, as the company restores it as the “Unified Data Standard” to identify it as a “big enterprise market opportunity”.

The app is known for its suite of mobile performance data products, providing developers, publishers and advertisers with key insights and benchmarks for increasing revenue, engagement and more. At a time when big data analytics has emerged as a key tool for businesses looking to excel in the competition, often driven by machine learning and AI, the app wants to better align itself with these growing trends – and all of its Begins with Name CEO Ted Krantz noted in an open letter that “the name reflects our vision of running a comprehensive digital exhibition with products and partnerships.” “Today we have the mobile standard which is the tip of the iceberg and where the market is going. However, we are looking at the blue sea opportunity to assemble a wide variety of digital datasets and enable artificial intelligence so that enterprises can compete at a higher level. “

Integrating datasets

As companies in the digital spectrum drive growth through various digital transformation efforts, Krantz argues that the digital ecosystem is fragmented and requires a lot of IT and data science resources – this ultimately “distracts” businesses from their core objectives. And so seeks to integrate datasets that help companies develop insights such as customer acquisition costs, lifetime value and return on investment (ROI).

“Our goal is to get the complexity out of the equation by providing a unified view across all channels and depicting opportunities with artificial intelligence,” Krantz explained.

With that in mind, has entered into a data licensing agreement with web-tracking and analytics company Similarweb to create an “integrated mobile and web market dataset”.

Similarweb will incorporate’s mobile app and market data – such as monthly active users, installed support and sessions – into the upcoming new product, enabling companies to purchase web and mobile app market estimates from a single vendor.

“Partnership will be a priority for us as we deliver on additional datasets while maintaining a focus on Artificial Intelligence to run prescriptive recommendations across all digital channels,” Krantz added.

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