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Antifragile PDF Book Download by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Our goal is to refrain from interfering with things we don’t fully comprehend. But other individuals are more prone to the contrary. The fragilista is one of those people who typically wears a suit and tie, frequently on Fridays; he responds to your jokes with chilly earnestness and is prone to developing back issues at a young age from sitting at a desk, taking flights, and reading newspapers.

He frequently participates in an odd rite that is known as “a meeting.” In addition to these characteristics, he also tends to assume that things he cannot see or understand do not exist. He fundamentally has a propensity to mistake the unknowable for the nonexistent.

Remember that the robust doesn’t care too much, the antifragile flourishes from turmoil, and the fragile seeks tranquillity. To discover how the concepts in the book apply to other domains, the reader is encouraged to explore the Triad. Simply defined, the job is to determine which category of the Triad one should place an item or a policy in while discussing it in a particular subject and what to do to better its condition.

PDF Name: Antifragile PDF Book Download
No. of Pages: 530
PDF Size: 6 MB
Language: English

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