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Amir Aadmi Amir Soch by Ankit Singh Rajput PDF Book In Hindi

a person that spends the majority of their lives sleeping, whining in mines, watching TV, using their phone to make calls, working, or holding a prominent position. his life is a copy of others’. Even though it employs individuals, it advances the state of the globe. While the average person is concerned about their daily needs and their limited resources, they are pleased to assist others.

In the golden future, you will be better than you are now, but you can only get better if you start from today and now. If you do not want to make the same mistakes that most people make, then you are welcome.

People desire to move on but are unsure of where to begin. How might one approach riches in order to become wealthy? This book is intended to help those people out of their predicament so that they do not make the same mistakes that the majority of people do in life and suffer comparable repercussions of failure and tight finances.

PDF Name: Amir Aadmi Amir Soch by Ankit Singh Rajput PDF Book
No. of Pages: 189
PDF Size: 14 MB
Language: Hindi

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