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All Quiet on the Western Front PDF Book by Erich Maria Remarque

Five miles behind the front, we are at a stop. We were relieved yesterday, and now we are stuffed with steak and haricot beans. We’re content and at peace. Each man has a mess-tin full for the evening, and there is also a double serving of bread and sausage. That makes a man look well-groomed.

We haven’t experienced such good fortune in a while. The chef, who has a carrot-shaped head, is pleading with us to eat. He beckons to everyone who goes by and scoops him out a generous portion with his ladle. He cannot imagine how he will finish his stew in time for coffee. As a backup, Tjaden and Müller have created two washbasins and filled them to the full.

This is described as voracity by Tjaden and as foresight by Müller. Tjaden is as thin as a rake and never will be, so it is unclear where he puts it all. Even more significant is the issue of a double ration of cigarettes. That is respectable—ten cigars, twenty cigarettes, and two pounds of chew—per man.

PDF Name: All Quiet on the Western Front PDF Book
No. of Pages: 259
PDF Size: 1 MB
Language: English

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