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Achchha Bolne KI Kala Aur Kamyabi by Dale Carnegie Book In Hindi

Talking is the first rule of mastering the art of speech. Focusing on aesthetic elements like tone and style in the early phases is not necessary. The first rule of learning the art is talking, which includes participating in discussions, evaluating your own abilities, and attempting to take advice from the audience. How can we recognise our own errors, then? To do this, it is necessary to comprehend some information, including what characteristics make a great speaker and how to develop them.

What in one’s personality is lacking that can prevent them from being attained? Any layperson may master speaking in front of an audience with the help of Dale Carnegie’s timeless and widely acclaimed book on the subject.

PDF Name: Achchha Bolne KI Kala Aur Kamyabi
No. of Pages: 147
PDF Size: 1 MB
Language: Hindi

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