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A Song of Ice and Fire PDF Book by George R. R. Martin

Under the heavy black hood of his cloak, Will could make out the tightness around Gared’s mouth and the barely contained wrath in his eyes. Gared had served in the Night’s Watch for forty years, as a man and a child, and was not used to being ridiculed. But it went beyond that. Will could sense that the elder guy was hiding something deeper beneath his wounded pride.

You could taste it: a tense nervousness that dangerously bordered on panic. Will expressed his concern. He had been on the Wall for four years. His bowels went to water the first time he was taken beyond as all the old tales came flooding back. Afterward, he had joked about it.

Each new day had been worse than the previous one. The worst day was today. The trees were rustling like living things due to the cold wind that was blowing from the north. Will had the impression that something had been following him the entire day—something icy and unforgiving that did not care for him. Gared had also sensed it.

PDF Name: A Song of Ice and Fire PDF Book
No. of Pages: 487
PDF Size: 3 MB
Language: English

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