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[PDF] 48 Laws of Power PDF Download

The feeling of having no power over people and events is generally unbearable to us–when we feel helpless we feel miserable. No one wants less
power; everyone wants more. In the world today, however, it is dangerous
to seem too power hungry, to be overt with your power moves. We have
to seem fair and decent. So we need to be subtle-congenial yet cunning,
democratic yet devious.

This game of constant duplicity most resembles the power dynamic
that existed in the scheming world of the old aristocratic court. Throughout
history, a court has always formed itself around the person in power-king,
queen, emperor, leader. The courtiers who filled this court were in an especially delicate position:

They had to serve their masters, but if they seemed
to fawn, if they curried favor too obviously, the other courtiers around
them would notice and would act against them. Attempts to win the master’s favor, then, had to be subtle. And even skilIed courtiers capable of
such subtlety still had to protect themselves from their fellow courtiers,
who at all moments were scheming to push them aside

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