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1000 Ways to Make 1000 Dollars PDF Book by F. C. Minaker

When young Gustavus Swift prepared and sold his first calf to Cape Cod fishermen while wearing knee breeches, he lay the groundwork for the world’s largest meat packing enterprise. A key component of the young Swift’s personality was his desire to be financially independent and run his own business. He was regarded as a man with a lot of “get up and go” in Barnstable.

It therefore came as no surprise that when he felt the urge to earn money, he didn’t waste time wishing instead ploughing ahead with the dressed beef business in his father’s backyard. There were undoubtedly other young guys in Barnstable who desired financial success. Gus Swift, however, undid the Gordian knot as they were considering how they would survive.

For him, it meant work. Making money in this way was not enjoyable. After dressing his calf, there was a chance he wouldn’t be able to sell it. Due to the “stretched out” nature of Cape Cod in those days, he had to travel miles to sell his calves. Swift, though, gave a damn. He desired the cash. Work, walking, and the adventure were all enjoyable.

PDF Name: 1000 Ways to Make 1000 Dollars PDF Book
No. of Pages: 509 MB
PDF Size: 9 MB
Language: English

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